Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday pets

Schatzi, our blue and gold macaw, can now be sold to you for xmas.  She comes with a huge cage, has play area that opens up on top, heavy duty wrungs, and some heavy duty toys and feeders.  Her price for her, and her cage is $1200.00 until Christmas, then after Christmas her price will be $1500.00. 
We also have 10% off all other birds, and other sales thru out the shop.

We are getting in baby ferrets, and ferret supplies afternoon of the 10th, I am so looking forward to getting them, have had customers requesting them.  So............. don't wait too long to come in and see them, or buy one, only getting in four babys. 

10 days before Christmas we are adding additional sales throughout the store, and if your interested in a bird, might want to check out our great bird sales then.  So..... check out on the 15th for some really great sales, and if you make a purchase and want us to hold it till Christmas day we can do this for you too, as I will be open for two hours   11:00 to 1:00 for pickup. 

Stay safe and drive careful, lots of traffic during the shopping season, and of course the weather has had its downsize too.  Karen

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We will be running a special through out the whole month of December.
A free baby rat with any $20.00 or more purchase.
We have many babies to choose from.
Some standard and some dumbos.
Plus many colors and patterns to choose from also.

So come early and get your pick, we will even hold your new babies for Christmas day pick up.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

For our BLACK FRIDAY, we are giving you 25% off anything you buy in our store.  This is only good for this one day.  Will have additional sales starting December 1.  We also will be posting new holiday hours, starting December 1 as well.  Karen

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello, just a quick note to update every one on the progress of the baby rats.
They are growing big fast and are all getting their colors.
There will be many patterns to choose from.
We do have two blue ones.  One is a blue capped and the other one is a  blue berkshire with white feet.
The rest are various patterns but all seem to be brown and black........
Some are spotted and some are hooded, and even a few caps.......
So come in soon and take a look......

These babies will be on special for Christmas for $5.00 so come down soon and find your new friend.......

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Schatzi arrived.

Just a note to tell you, we now have a blue and gold beautiful lady.  She arrived November 11th.  This macaw is in excellant feather, is around four years old, and appears to be a friendly bird, although we will be keeping it for thirty days.  We want to make sure she is going to be a great bird to fit into your family style, and will be cherished for many years to come.  I will put some pictures up and a lot of info on her and blue and gold macaws soon.  This lady will be available just in time, to make a fantastic gift for someone for Christmas.  I know that you will be amazed at the low low price for Schatzi  ( German word for Sweetheart)  and her huge cage.  So keep checking the blog and or web site for more info.  Karen

Saturday, November 13, 2010

BABY RATS........................

Just a quick update ..........Baby rats are growing big..............
They are one week old now and getting fatter every day.......
Come in soon and check them out. They will make great Christmas gifts for the kids this year.
Hope to see you soon ... Take care and Happy Holidays to every one..................


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sale in the Reptile Room

Awesome male guinea pig  he comes with the total set up and ready to go home today.   SALE  $40.00
He is all white and just a funny little guy, so come on down and check him out.
He could be just the pet you are looking for.......................................

Thanks again Joy

WOW GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

New arrivals to the store, Nov. 9 mommy rat Sandy gave birth to 12 babies.
So great news they will be ready for Christmas time gifts also..

Both new Mothers are doing great and babies are all growing fast.
Jenny's pups are starting to get color and looks like we have some caps and hooded in this litter.
Colors to be anounced later.......
All of them have standard ears.........................

Come in early to see the new arrivals and watch them grow up..

Thanks again from all of us here at the store and we look forward to seeing you here soon.................


Sunday, November 7, 2010


There has been an addition to the store, 13 new baby rats were born on Nov. 6 to proud mother Jenny.
Just wanted to let every one know they will be ready for their new homes right before Christmas.  So come in early and pick out your new addition to your family soon.....
I will keep every one posted as to the sexes and the colors and they develop.....

Thanks again for stopping by and please visit our store soon.......................................

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A brand new bird at your home.

Wow, you purchased a bird, and your so excited.  You can't wait to interact with your new friend.  Buttttttttttttttt..........  stop, take a deep breath, and slow down.
Your bird is possibly in a new cage,new toys etc. new home, new people, and could very well be scared.  Give your bird some time to adjust, and to trust you.  Each bird is different, some can adjust in a day or two, others take much more time.  While your giving your bird some space, go up to cage and talk to it from time to time.  Then watch and see if it appears to be scared.  They can act like they are cold, with feathers puffed out, and a quivering may take place.  I like to cover my bird at night.  I use a sheet.  I feel it gives them a sence of security, and also tones down the lights, if you aren't in bed at same time.  Speaking of sleeping, birds need around ten hours a day or night to sleep.
Ok, offer your bird a treat, and hope that it comes to you and takes it.  If not try again some other time.
Keep your children from poking their fingers in the cage.  The bird may give them a nasty bite.
Now when you feel it is responding in a good way towards you, open cage and see if the bird will come out.  Then procide to put your finger under tummy and say step up.  If it appears it wants to bite you, you may have to use a dowel or some kind of wood perch, and use it to teach it to step up.  If the bird gets on your finger try to avoid letting it climb to your shoulder ( until you can trust your bird not to bite).  Birds like to be high up, so raise your hand higher than your shoulder.  If that isn't working, put your bird on your lap.
There are many ways to work with a bird, and start a bonding with him or her.  Will follow up with more tips at another time.  The main thing is, don't rush your bird, let it have time to adjust.  Also when you put in a new toy, it may act like it's not interested.  So it may take a day or two to get used to a new item in it's cage as well, just either leave it in cage, or clip it outside on the cage for awhile.
As many of you know birds bite from time to time.  They bite because they are scared, use beak for balance and to climb.  Some don't care for you to mess with their cage, especially inside.  Some get to a certain age where their harmones are active, and they become aggressive.  Some birds just are stinkers, and want their way.
When a bird bites, our first reaction is to pull away.  push into the bird, and scold it.  Then if your not bleeding to death lol, look the bird in the eye, and sharply scold it, and put it in it's cage.  If your bird thinks he got the better of you, he will use his beak as a weapon, so don't allow him to notice that your in pain and agony lol.
Birds are very smart, and watch the look on our face, and understand the tone of our voice.  So always smile and be pleasant and soft spoken around your bird.  If your bird bites, be firm and in control, and scold and frown or something to allow your bird to know he did a no no.  Some think its good to flick their beak when they bite.  Always keep in mind, why your bird may have bit you.  If not because he is being a bad bird, then just say a sharp no, and put back into cage.  Don't let your bird be the boss in your house.  Treat your bird as you would a naughty child, when his behavior isn't up to par.

Friday, November 5, 2010


We would just like to let you know of our specials we are running now through Christmas Day.
So you can come in early to get your new family members all picked out.
Put them on hold so you can pick them up on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
We will be open on Christmas Day for your convenience from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.........
So to make the gift a real big surprise for every one................

20% down will hold till Christmas  that includes supplies and animals......

$5.00 holding cost per week for all live critters that are purchased through this sale .......

We look forward to seeing you and helping you with all your christmas time gifts......

Please post us your tips or advice

Hi, would love to hear from any of you, always learning from others.  So don't hesitate to post us tips of your own, or even ideas as to how we can improve our PET SHOP.  We are a new business, and need all of your help to make it a big sucess.  BIRDIE BIRD, KAREN, and JOY.

Time for another Thank You.

Thanks Joy for all the hard work you have done at BIRDIE BIRD PET SHOP!!!!
You put a lot of effort prior to opening the doors, and have been a great help.  Thank you for all that you do, and I am very glad to have you work for me, what a lucky lady I am to have you as my right hand and friend.
To all of you out there, this lady will help you with any of your pet wants or needs, and always has a smile on her face to greet you when you come into our place. After all it would look pretty stupid else where heehee.
She also has been great to add to this blog, especially when I don't always find the time to do so.  Joy I am aware of all the little extras that you have done, even the ones you use your own time to do.  It really is appreciated.  Karen

A thank you

Would like to thank Kim with web.everything, if it wasn't for her big time help, I wouldn't have my web site, blog, or gmail set up.  This lady is absolutely fantastic, went way beyond the call of business, to support us, in all we have achieved, in our business.  So a Big Thanks Kim, and  may your business be very prosperous!!!
To any of you reading this, and you are in need of a web site, etc.  Please contact Kim Jeppson-Hansen
I promise you will be very satisfied in working with her, I know I am. 


Water or Juice as needed  enough to make a batter.
3 Cups Corn Muffin mix, or two small boxes of jiffy corn muffin mix.
4 eggs with shells.  Wash shells and crumble
1/2 Cup mixed vegetables fresh or frozen chopped or grated
1/4 Cup Chopped Nuts
1/4 Cup Grated Carrots
Preheat oven to 375.
Mix the first three ingredients in a bowl, beating until smooth. Stir in the
mixed vegetables fresh or frozen, chopped
nuts, and carrots. Pour in a greased corn
bread pan or in greased or lined muffin
tins. Cook muffins for 30- 35 minutes  or cook in
pan, for 45 minutes or
tooth pick comes out clean. Let cool. Slice
into small pieces, put in plastic zip bags,
and freeze until needed. Microwave to
heat and serve.

Tip: You can freeze any of these muffins
and just take out what you need. Thaw in room temperature.
You can use any of your left over vegetables, and also raisins ( a good handful) can be added.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joy's Special's..........

SPECIAL SALE...................................................

10% OFF supplies when purchasing your new reptile......
$2.00 OFF...............RATS
$1.00 OFF...............MICE

We would like to thank you for visiting out web site and we look forward to you next visit to the store........

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New addition to the reptile room

Just wanted to let you know about the newest addition to the store.
LOBSTER ROACHES..........they are fantastic little creatures.
They make great pets because they don't smell and are very easy to clean and take care of.
For we all know that roaches eat just about any thing so feeding will be real easy.
Maintenance is very easy too, just a weekly cleaning is all that is needed.

They grow to about 1 1/4 inches in size as adults.
Live span is about one year...Their price is only $.40 each so not very expensive either.

So if you think these little guys would be your kind of pet come on down to our store and check them out.

Thanks and hope to see you soon

Friday, October 22, 2010

Special sales going on this week in the reptile room!!!

Hi this is Joy, and I would just like to let you know about some specials we are running this week in the reptile room.    

Joy's Specials..............

Guinea pig........ white male          $24.99
All rats are .............................         $2.00 dollars off
All mice are ............................         $1.00 dollar off

We are all so running a great deal on kittens.
While they last a  FREE kitten with any $5.00 or more purchase....
They are all males but there are different colors to choose from.
Please come in soon and pick out your new friend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We have a wonderful Staff!


My name is Joy and I work for Birdie Bird Pet Shop........
I would like to welcome you to the shop and I really hope we are able to fill all your needs.

We have a large selection of pets and would love to help you find your new family member.
If for some reason you dont see what you are looking for just let us know, I am sure Karen could look in to it and find what you are looking for.

Please be sure to research the animal you desire and hopefully we can also supply you with all the materials needed to set up a good home for them.
We have many types of foods and substrates, along with tanks and cages readily available for you at time of purchase.

So we look forward to your visit ........
thank you   Joy

Monday, October 18, 2010

Current Specials and pricing!

Current Prices and Specials as of 10/18/2010
English baby budgies regular price $89.99     sale price $59.99    
baby parakeets                 ''   ''       $18.99      ''   ''         $16.99
Baby hand feed green cheeks
yellow sided and pineapple             $399.99     '' ''          $329.00
green cheek with cage                                                 $169.00
baby love birds                              $80.00                    $60.00 each or
two love birds                                $150.00                  $115.00
baby red lored amazon                   $849.00                  $700.00
( hand fed)
baby mexican red head                  $849.00                   $700.00
(hand fed)
Baby blue front amazon                  $899.00                  $759.00
( hand fed)
two african grey congos, each one comes with own cage  $750.00  each  includes large cage, their toys, perches and their feeding dishes.  Cage come with metal seed guards and a play stand on top.  creme colored cage.  
Come on in and take a look at all of the cute and lovable pets!  We are located at 613 Meridian Rd., Meridian, Idaho!  Call for the most current availability and to add something to your wish list! (208) 898-8888

Friday, October 15, 2010

Feeding your bird

I would like to take a moment to discuss feeding your birds.  I have had a lot of customers who was not aware of the proper diets, for their birds.  I am going to start by telling you what not to let your bird have.
avocados ( very toxic)
apple seeds (CORE your apples before you give them to the bird)
even though this is not food, figure a good time to mention that room sprays, smoke, burning teflon coatings, some carpet shampoos, paint fumes, can be harmful to your birds too.  Will cover other things at another time.

Birds need more than a pellet or seed diet. 
Depending on the bird and size of bird, they should have produce, either real tiny pieces, for small birds like finches, or can give larger sizes, to larger birds.  I make up a mixture for all my breeders, as well as the birds in the pet shop.  They get their mixture every morning. 
I put into mixture, cooked brown rice, or pastas, with chopped up fresh vegetables or even frozen .  I sometimes add eggs, sometimes cooked beans like pinto, sometimes lentils, or split peas.  I make a huge pot of this,I cook it all together, and then put part in zip lock bags and freeze part of it to have on hand for a day or two off of cooking lol.  Then I add to said mixture, chopped fruits, apples, grapes, bananas, and any other fruits I have on hand.  Sometimes berries, mango, peaches, pears.  I then add to this mixture, powdered vitamins and also calcium/magnesium.  I carry Avitech products, and Use AviVita Gold and Cal-D-Solve. 
For the little birds, I put the mixture into a hand food processor which chops it all up fine.  The other birds get it in bigger pieces.  Sometimes I also add walnuts to said mixture, sometimes small amount of chicken.  Yes birds can have small amounts of meat. 
Here are some items my birds also love. 
mashed potatoes with peanut butter
macaronni and cheese.
ramon noodles ( spelling lol)
sweet potatoes  cooked
yams  cooked
squash and pumpkin cooked
avoid a lot of lettuce, has very little nutrition, plus can make their stools lose.
can give spinich, Kale, carrot tops.  
The internet has a world of info on your bird, so enjoy looking up info, for the type of bird you have.  But careful their is also a lot of someone says this and someone say that stuff, so don't get confused.  If you would like, you can always send me a gmail, I will try to help you with any questions.  Also, if you have some info to cover, feel free to write to the readers here. 
Oh I almost forgot, Sunflower seeds, a lot of the birds love them, but try not to feed too many, as they can be unhealthy in large amounts, over a period of time. 
If your bird has been just a seed eater or pellet eater, and won't eat other foods it should have, keep up giving it, sometimes taking their seed away for part of the day ( a few hours or so)  then maybe they will check out their new mixture you provided them. 
You can make up your own mixture and freeze little bags, and zap in micro wave to thaw.  Tomorrow I will be adding a great bird bread recipe.  So please watch for it.

If your bird is lost.

Hi, wanted to write an article about what to do, if your bird gets outside and you lose it.  First of all, put the bird's cage, food and water outside, in an area it may be able to see.  If you can see your bird, try to get it to come to you or cage with treats it likes.  Keep talking to it.  If you don't know where it flew off to, keep in mind, it most likely will be high up in bushes or trees, so when looking for it, look up.  They feel safer in high places.  Most often, birds will not go further than a two block radius, so make up flyers and post all around the area, and can also go around and give to neighbors.  Call the humane society and let them know.  They rescue birds all the time, or people finding birds may call them.  Keep watch on craigs list, and you may want to post a missing report there too.  There are a lot of lost bird places on the internet, so check them out.  Post there too.  Keep up hope, many birds do get back to their owners.  I know of one gal who I wrote emails back and forth for some time, her bird got outside and was lost for over two weeks.  Her bird ended up in a high tree in their back yard, and she heard it, and talked it down to her.  It was dirty and hungry, but otherwise it was fine.  If any of you have stories to share, please do, welcome any of you, to write.  Karen

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome to Birdie Bird Pet Shop!

Thanks for stopping by! I am locally owned and operated with a focus on birds that I have hand fed from birth out of my aviary. I have always had a love for animals. I got my start turning my passion into a business by owning the aviary. Now my dream has come true by also opening my own pet shop in the quaint town of Meridian, Idaho located in the heart of the Treasure Valley. We are minutes from Boise, Nampa and Eagle, Idaho. I carry a variety of small animals including several different kinds of birds, turtles, lizards, iguanas, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, gerbils, and even sometimes kittens! (Please contact me for current availability or to add a pet you are looking for to your wish list as birds are seasonal and the variety of small pets in my store is constantly changing.) I also have a variety of pet supplies. I would love to help match you with a new friend that would suit your lifestyle and am happy to give you tips on how to care for your new companion! We are also in the process of starting up mobile pet care!  Please stay tuned or call me for details.  We currently offer  grooming, boarding and so much more. We are conveniently located at 613 Meridian Road in the heart of Meridian, Idaho so come on in today to make a new friend!!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about birds or small pets!