Monday, August 1, 2011

wow, I think time got away from me again

Well, guess from not keeping up with the news, you must know by now I am either lazy lol, or swamped with things going on. 
I prefer to be thought of as busy lol.  So much is going on at Birdie, Bird Pet shop.  I would like to start with Joy, she is working at another place now, do to her moving away.  I have a super great gal, who is a wonderful addition to Birdie Bird Pet Shop.  AMY is invaluable to my business. 
BIRDIE BIRD PET SHOP is celebrating on August 11th, one year in business.  Please come in, and help us to make it a great time for all, sales through out the store. And don't forget to fish out of our fish bowl prizes. 
We have new reptiles, and just got in some new birds, and the best bird to date, is a beautiful green wing Macaw, but it will be held like our other big birds, for thirty days, and won't be able to leave for a new home till August 31st.  He is absolutely beautiful.  Hope to follow up with a picture or two for you to see.
He will not be sold to anyone with tiny children, or a couple expecting to have babies.  I have lost a customer to my policy, would like to explain why I have it.  These Macaws, may be sweethearts and most of them are, but if they have a bad hair day, and bite, can do major damage to a child's fingers, or other bodily parts.  Most of them are loving birds, love to be cuddled etc. but I can't just let them go to to a home where they could cause a situation that could be horrible for the family.  Soooooooooo enough of that, I have many new birds in my store that would make a great family pet. 
Hope to see you soon, specials going on for our one year anniversary, AUGUST 11th, thru AUGUST 14th. 
Have a great month, and looking forward to seeing ya. 
Welcome Amy, your doing so great at the shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!