Friday, October 15, 2010

If your bird is lost.

Hi, wanted to write an article about what to do, if your bird gets outside and you lose it.  First of all, put the bird's cage, food and water outside, in an area it may be able to see.  If you can see your bird, try to get it to come to you or cage with treats it likes.  Keep talking to it.  If you don't know where it flew off to, keep in mind, it most likely will be high up in bushes or trees, so when looking for it, look up.  They feel safer in high places.  Most often, birds will not go further than a two block radius, so make up flyers and post all around the area, and can also go around and give to neighbors.  Call the humane society and let them know.  They rescue birds all the time, or people finding birds may call them.  Keep watch on craigs list, and you may want to post a missing report there too.  There are a lot of lost bird places on the internet, so check them out.  Post there too.  Keep up hope, many birds do get back to their owners.  I know of one gal who I wrote emails back and forth for some time, her bird got outside and was lost for over two weeks.  Her bird ended up in a high tree in their back yard, and she heard it, and talked it down to her.  It was dirty and hungry, but otherwise it was fine.  If any of you have stories to share, please do, welcome any of you, to write.  Karen

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