Sunday, November 13, 2011

I think if I blink, Christmas will be here.

Christmas is a busy time of the year for many, including Amy and I at the pet shop.  We are in the process of planning our orders and thought we would share a few things with you. 
Baby ferrets will be in our store the first part of December.  Will have a lot of fun with them till they sell, they usually are about 7 -8 weeks old.  We try to get them started on the litter box, and teach them manners ( they are a little nippy at first) . 
Hoping to get in more birds, although having problems lately on some of the birds, for one not the breeding season for many kinds.  A lot of breeders have went out of business, or weather conditions have not allowed the normal breeding to be carrying on.  With the cold weather now, do not care to have birds flown in, as they are exposed to cold temps. on the air terminals, so not able to go elsewhere at this time.  I am handfeeding two beautiful African Red Belly babies, that are on two feedings a day now, and close to be weaned.  They are so adorable. 
Have quite a few baby cockatiels, oh and the cutest sulcata Tortoises, that have been the fancy of many customers, are still available.  Have expanded some in the reptile area, and new additions to the Hampsters, two moms have some adorable babys, will be ready for Christmas. 
Brady our Green winged Macaw is looking for a loving home, a great buy on this beautiful sweet bird. 
We are closing out all our dog and cat items, at 35% off or more, the month of December will even offer better buys on what is left.  Hoping to expand in the early spring, our building, to allow adding Fish and supplys, and will then plan on having the dog and cat items back, as well as possibly puppys and kittys. 
Well until the next post, hoping all of you are doing well.  Karen