Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Thank you all for a wonderful year, I have made some really great friends, that started out as my customers, and now are so treasured, by me.  I got three of the greatest birds ever into my store a couple of weeks ago.  A umbrella cockatoo, a double yellow headed amazon, and a goffin cockatoo.  Amy and I, along with many customers have absolutely fell in love with Cher a year and half old umbrella cockatoo.  She loves to snuggle and chat with you.  I am very tempted to keep her for the store, as she has worked her way into my heart so much.  She can be a stinker though, loves to get into mischief, when my back is turned.  She has ruint two of my calculators, by pulling out and chewing up the bottons, chewed up several of my markers and pens lol.  and then looks at you with her big huge eyes like she is so innocent of the distruction. 

I am hand feeding some of the most beautiful cockatiels I have ever seen or had.  They should be completely weaned in a couple of weeks, and they are very sweet babies, so come see them as well.
Well pardon the grammar, as well as punctuation etc.  I usually write late at night after a long day at the pet shop lol, and my brain went to sleep an hour ago.  Just wanted to send you all my wishes for merry, happy holidays, and give your pets a hug from me too.  Karen