Saturday, November 6, 2010

As many of you know birds bite from time to time.  They bite because they are scared, use beak for balance and to climb.  Some don't care for you to mess with their cage, especially inside.  Some get to a certain age where their harmones are active, and they become aggressive.  Some birds just are stinkers, and want their way.
When a bird bites, our first reaction is to pull away.  push into the bird, and scold it.  Then if your not bleeding to death lol, look the bird in the eye, and sharply scold it, and put it in it's cage.  If your bird thinks he got the better of you, he will use his beak as a weapon, so don't allow him to notice that your in pain and agony lol.
Birds are very smart, and watch the look on our face, and understand the tone of our voice.  So always smile and be pleasant and soft spoken around your bird.  If your bird bites, be firm and in control, and scold and frown or something to allow your bird to know he did a no no.  Some think its good to flick their beak when they bite.  Always keep in mind, why your bird may have bit you.  If not because he is being a bad bird, then just say a sharp no, and put back into cage.  Don't let your bird be the boss in your house.  Treat your bird as you would a naughty child, when his behavior isn't up to par.

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