Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Great home I am sure.

One of my favorite birds ( a young Mexican Redhead Amazon)  and loved by many customers in our store, has found a home with two really great people, today.  I watched this bird immediately fall in love with them in a short period of time that they were in our store.  She was such a sweet bird, and interacted with almost everyone, but more so with them.  We still have some other birds that are also little sweeties, that sure would be happy to find a good home too.  So if your looking for a wonderful pet, come see us.  Have a great special right now on many of the birds, including all of our conures till the end of the month are $100.00 of their orriginal price.  Karen

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Want to take a second to wish all of you lots of love, for Valentines Day.  Have love birds on sale, half off regular price, so if your in want of a love bird or pair, come on by, have four brand new weened babys, and two left of ones a month and half older. 
Tuesday, all conures are going on sale for $100.00 off their regular price.
                  Happy Valentine's Day from Karen, Birdie Bird and Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!