Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday pets

Schatzi, our blue and gold macaw, can now be sold to you for xmas.  She comes with a huge cage, has play area that opens up on top, heavy duty wrungs, and some heavy duty toys and feeders.  Her price for her, and her cage is $1200.00 until Christmas, then after Christmas her price will be $1500.00. 
We also have 10% off all other birds, and other sales thru out the shop.

We are getting in baby ferrets, and ferret supplies afternoon of the 10th, I am so looking forward to getting them, have had customers requesting them.  So............. don't wait too long to come in and see them, or buy one, only getting in four babys. 

10 days before Christmas we are adding additional sales throughout the store, and if your interested in a bird, might want to check out our great bird sales then.  So..... check out on the 15th for some really great sales, and if you make a purchase and want us to hold it till Christmas day we can do this for you too, as I will be open for two hours   11:00 to 1:00 for pickup. 

Stay safe and drive careful, lots of traffic during the shopping season, and of course the weather has had its downsize too.  Karen