Sunday, November 21, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

For our BLACK FRIDAY, we are giving you 25% off anything you buy in our store.  This is only good for this one day.  Will have additional sales starting December 1.  We also will be posting new holiday hours, starting December 1 as well.  Karen


Anonymous said...

I promised you pics of the babies Karen! Here some are...

they are both doing great! Thank you so much for everything!

The Bird Lady said...

The pictures are really great, gosh it was not only great to see pepper, but Rosco is one beautiful bird now, can see he gets special care from you. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and write and keep me informed as to how you all are doing with Pepper. I now have a sweet sweet blue and gold macaw, where Pepper's cage was. She is such a dear bird, have several people interested in her. Take care and thanks for keeping in touch. Karen